About finelooking.store


We know many manufacturers who, as manufacturers are extraordinary, however, they do not have an efficient distribution channels, which causes low rate of growth and even bankruptcy.

At finelooking.store, we are looking for Mexican manufacturers who are truly committed to quality, design, innovation and service, that through our distribution channels, they can see their companies grow, bringing prosperity to their families and workers.

Our philosophy can be summarized in: Mind your own business, or, cobbler stick to our last!, you know how to manufacture, you are committed to quality, concentrate on manufacturing, we take care of selling.



  • To have the first 4 points of sale in elite places with high affluence of potential customers;
  • To start operations online with our online store;
  • Conclude with the restructuring and start the expansion of the finelookers (housewives, sales door by door).


  • To reach a sales force of at least 100 finelookers;
  • To have at least 25 elite points of sale in consignment all over the country;
  • To Have at least 25 elite points of sale in investment all over the country;
  • To expand the online sotre to international sales.


  • To duplicate the sales force of finelookers;
  • To quadruple the elite points of sale of investment;
  • To increase elite consignment points to 500;
  • To consolidate shop operations online.

Distribution Channels

Finelookers: They are housewives who sell our products to their friends and in door by door model, thus receiving a commission.

Elite Points of Sale of Consignment: Consists of installing modules with inventory, in strategic points of high affluence of potential customers. The person in charge of the administration of the (EPSC) obtains a commission.

Elite Elite Points of Investment: Consists of installing modules with inventory, all purchased by the investor, to resell our products in their facilities, gaining in the margin of resale.

onLine Store: Consists of an online store that moves the products national and international, which also serves as a catalog and control for our entire operation

Last update: July 17, 2017